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24th July 2024 

About Psychotherapy

How can psychotherapy help?
Psychotherapy and Counselling can support you in your desire to make changes in your life. It works on different levels:

Talking about the issues affecting you in your life you gain insight and understanding. The result is increased self awareness and ability to communicate feelings. For some this is enough and they feel able to move forward in life and relationships. This is shorter term work over a number of months or a year.

You may have a desire to work on a deeper level to make more fundamental, lasting change. In psychotherapy the relationship between the therapist and client is a tool of the therapy. Central to deeper change is working with what 'is', moment to moment, in the here and now of the relationship. The process helps you to make connections with your deeper experience, perhaps for the first time,and this releases energy and motivation. A more creative engagement with life and relationships ensues. This longer term work can continue over a number of years and results in people making some long hoped for changes in their lives.

Who can it help?
Psychotherapy and Counselling can help if you are:

  • suffering from depression, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • experiencing loss perhaps through bereavement or divorce.
  • going through a transitional phase in your life.
  • feeling affected by childhood trauma.
  • feeling alienated and powerless to change things.
  • feeling stuck in your life in any way.

    It may be that you want more from relationships or perhaps you
    find your self asking: Why do I always end up feeling...?

    How do I work?
    Whether we work long or short term it is my aim is to create a working relationship in which what is troubling you can be explored. I strongly believe that engaging with current experience, within such a safe setting, we find ways through blocks to greater well-being, more fulfilling relationships and a more creative engagement with life.